The Scopion And The Frog: A Story With Great Morals

A scorpion was at one end of the stream and wanted to cross to the other side given that he couldn’t swim he was stranded. It happened that at that moment a frog was passing by and saw the helpless scorpion and offered to help. The scorpion happily jumped on the frog’s back and enjoyed the ride to the other side.
When they arrived to the other side, the scorpion repaid the frog by stinging it. On the verge of death as the venom coursed through his body he looked at the scorpion and asked “Why?”. The scorpion remorselessly looked at him and said “because it is my nature”.

We should know that we have scorpions in human form. No matter what you do for them they will strike. You showed that guy care stood by him in trying times, supported him, acted like a wife, inconvenienced yourself to see him comfortable but how did he repay you? He dumped you and suddenly realized you aren’t of the same class with him when he made some little money. Don’t stress it, it’s in his nature, he is a scorpion he can’t help it. Feel pity not anger for him because he will lose better things if he continues that way. You stressed yourself for this girl, split your little salary to help her buy her books, you paid part of her fees and you showed her love while she professed undying love to you but left after graduating because to her you’re too poor to date a graduate like her. Don’t commit suicide over her, she can’t help it that’s how she is, she is a scorpion. Guess where scorpions end up most times? Under the slippers or brooms when smacked by a vengeful human. Human scorpions may be in form of a lover, friend or even family, they are everywhere.
Don’t let scorpions corrupt you with their venoms, keep being the good person you are that’s your nature.
Have you met a scorpion before?

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