Choose Your Battle Wisely

This snake crawled over a sharp saw and was cut. In anger, the snake wrapped the Saw with its thick body and squeezed the life out of the Saw.

With each angry squeeze, it felt more pain but continued because it wouldn’t let the Saw get away with the pain it caused. The snake, refusing to let go of the Saw, eventually died;

Not knowing the whole time, it needed to let go of the initial pain and focus on its future; where it was going.
Unfortunately, the snake eventually lost its life in anger and vengeance.

Not all battles are worth fighting. At times letting go is actually winning.
Control your anger. Forgive those that hurt you and move on.
Never give people or things power over you.


Infectious vibes of Ramadhan


With alot of unpreparedness we bid farewell to Ramadhan, it has been the slowing down for me ,the social media break ,the grounding myself without the fear of missing out. The level of intimacy that God has enabled me to have with him during Ramadhan that is so deep rooted into evaluating my spiritual growth as “people” an individual will always keep me on tiptoes to retain. It’s so easy to get so caught up in chasing life that we forget what real matters at the end of it all. So i take the “break ” to sermon myself to a period of self reflection, oh boy to say it’s worth all the effort is an understatement

Its no secret that fasting is my most beloved Islamic practice , for me it comes so easy because it resonates with my values as an individual. Everything about selfcare revolves around taking…

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Daily I see people go through life blindly, and they do that wilfully. Wilfully because they are scared or don’t want to ask question for fear of been seen as uninformed or weak, but the reality you uninformed if you don’t ask questions.

Questions can mean:

  1. a sentence worded or expressed so as to elicit information.
  2. a matter requiring resolution or discussion.

I love the first definition of question; you asked question to as to gain more information, to remove any ambiguity in order to gain more clarity.

To be successful or to learn more, you can run away from questions (and not silly questions) don’t be scared to ask questions.

I love this quote “When you know better, you do better” Maya Angelou.

Asking helps you gain clarity; it helps you shorten your journey, and it helps straighten your path to the top.

Jesus speaking in Matthew 7:7 charged his followers to always ASK, SEEK and KNOCK. I love to break the about as A(ask) S(seek) K(knock). This means asking is not something you do casually seeking and knocking requires conscious deliberate action.

Be intentional in living and all you, so learn to always ASK, a simple how can I do this can give almost 50% clarity.

Learn to ask WHY five (5).

My charge for you today is to always ASK.

Dismount The Dead Horse

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Are you still forcing yourself get to keep doing what is not working?

If you are looking to achieve more by prioritizing your time, then you need to learn to dismount the dead horse.

If it is no more working, then stop forcing it, learn to know when to stop doing somethings and move move on.

Be True To Yourself

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I saw this post on my sister’s Facebook page and I would like to share with you all.

“SALT has no need to look like other Ingredients, sends out no Aroma like other Seasonings, but without it the Soup is Tasteless.

Men/women of True Impact don’t Fight for Position, Visibility or Appearance.

Their Results Speak for them not their Propaganda.

You don’t need to Shout to be heard, People keep quiet to listen to Intelligent People.

Salt Maintains its Integrity Amidst Pollution.

Have you seen where a Salt buyer demands to taste it before buying

because Salt has proved its Integrity over the Ages.

If you will need to Swear before People can believe you, you lack Integrity.

Is your Life like Salt to the Earth or an Insult?

The Easiest and only way Salt can lose its Taste is when it mixes with too much of anything. So Watch your Associations with people without noble values.. Salt is very precious and should not be wasted.. STAY PURE.


If one day, we all are allowed to put our problems on a table and exchange them, I’m sure that after few minutes, everyone would silently take back their own & leave the table.

There is no such thing like a perfect life, nobody has it all together.

Just as our faces are different, so are our problems.

Never be envious of what someone else has. You don’t know the price they paid to get it and the price they are paying to keep it.

You don’t own half of the problems in this world.

While you are discreetly wishing to be like the other person, Someone else is seriously praying for that life you take for granted.

Sometimes the people you envy, are actually wishing they could have the life you live.

Be contented and cherish what you have.

You can be anything you want, just don’t be ungrateful”.

You are the best👍💯


Career Day: Cohort 8 (The Rise of The Phoenix) Graduation

To mark the graduation ceremony Cohort 8 (Phoenix) of Semicolon Africa tag “the rise of the Phoenix” was a career day talk with Richard Amafonye [FBCS] the Head IT Resources of Access Bank Plc. the session was so informative and impactful.

Key lesson I toke away from the session was the Three(3) attribute of a great programmer.

  1. Laziness: Not being lazy in the sense of not doing anything, but not doing what you can automate. Why do things that you can automate, you should be so lazy to push you to learn to automate activities and actions.
  2. Impatience: Not being impatience that you can not wait, but being inpatient to push you to get things done and make things happen quickly.
  3. Hubris: Not be prideful but to take pride being able to effectively and efficiently doing your work with joy and pride.

PHD (Passion Hunger Determination) this is need along side competence, character and chemistry with this your set to take leverage advantage that technology has given us.

As a software engineer you are a solution provider and a value adding individual.

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People usually do not realize how important decisions can be, until the make the wrong one.

The outcome of life is decisions, the right ones set us on the right path, the wrong ones set us on the wrong parth.

Everyday we make decisions, it is important to we think through each decision we make.


Listening to Camo speaks

Reflection! Reflection!! Reflection!!!

Something incredible happened to me this year and I want to take this time to reflect over the last six (6) months.

Closing last year coming to this year, I have this serious desire to rally make a mark in the tech space and I was so consume by it that it became a longing and prayer. I began this search for how to be better the search leads to an unquenchable hunger for like minds and enabling environment that tech thrives (to be precise programming).

I paid for the entire bundle on and paid for courses on and, toke course at,, I cant even mention all the YouTube videos I download to watch. I had a discussion with a friend Isaac and Lagos seems to be the location that I can have like minds and the environment. The greatest challenge was how?

I had a conversation about relocating to Jigawa to learn robotic which all did not work out.

This year start with same hunger and drive. I was on face book one faithful day and I saw the post of a dear friend Kelvin Okoro on how in one year he became a software Engineer it seem too good to be true so I chat him up.

Luck is when opportunity meets preparation, mentally I was ready, Kelvin told me about Semicolon and I applied, did the test and I moved on with doing what I was doing. Then I got the call for the interview, and I was told info session will hold and I click on the link and could not connect and the rescheduled info session I missed it again, I got the offer.

Joining Semicolon was a tough decision to make, moving from one end of Nigeria to the other was not easy, having to leave your comfort zone, your family, it was not easy because I was discouraged by few but a few encourage met to take the step, the greatest encouragement came from my family (wife and kids). I was skeptical even till when the onboarding as a native of semicolon began.

Listening to chief Sam Immanuel speak was just more than just and an orientation but life changing for me, his passion and desire for young Nigerians becoming an influence cannot be hidden.


The design thinking and critical thinking have shown a bright ne light on my life and point me to the right path. I have new perspective of who a software engineer is and it not what I taught it was. Ashley Immanuel also continued from where Sam stopped to make the light shin brighter.

I am glad am a native of semicolon Africa, I can’t wish for a better community of tech to be in than this. Listing to Chibuzo Ekejiuba and Grace teach Java and software engineering so gracefully was just wonderful, having to listen to others like Natives, Ancestors and Elders of Semicolon speaking have really fired me up. I am glad I made the decision I know the scarifies is worthwhile.

Reading Desiderata and The Equipment

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