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If A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Is equal to 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

Then H+A+R+D+W+O+R+K = 8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 =98%

K+N+O+W+L+E+D+G+E =
11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96%

L+O+V+E= 12+15+22+5= 54%

L+U+C+K = 12+21+3+11 = 47%

None of them makes 100% Then what makes
100% ????

Is it Money ? NO !!!

Leadership ? NO !!!

Every problem has a solution, only if we perhaps
change our
“ATTITUDE”. It is OUR ATTITUDE towards Life and Work that makes
OUR Life 100% Successful..

A+T+T+I+T+U+D+E = 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 =

written by Ibrahim Gana Malgwi



1. Begin to put money in the bank and learn to leave it there
2. Date the right person
3. Get your own place, stop having room-mates
4. Get out of debt
5. Get that body you always dreamed of and maintain it
6. Surround yourself with people that will take u a step ahead
7. Start to accumulate a fortune and wealth
8. Learn to dress well not sexy
9. Accept that you are an adult n start living as one
10. Let go of the past and look forward to the future. Be motivated and inspired by the spirit of excellence.

written by Ibrahim Gana Malgwi

Our fuel going to Niger

I can’t believe this car is loaded with petrol, and ready for exportation illegally from Nigeria(Illela) to Niger Republic through (Konni)
When will this stop if not oil bunkery is smuggling

written by Ibrahim Gana Malgwi


When someone loves you, how does it make you feel? Think about it for a moment. Do you feel warm inside, like everything is going to be ok? Love really is the most important thing in life. Imagine this to prove it: if you had to choose between going hungry for a day or having your best friend tell you, “I hate you; I never want to see you again,” which would you choose? If you chose the love of your best friend over food, it shows just how important love really is. Life really isn’t worth living without it.
But the problem is that a lot of people don’t really feel loved. Have you ever felt, if just for a moment, that nobody cares about you? It’s horrible. The best thing to do to feel truly loved is to find the source of love. For example, if you were dying of thirst, you should find the source of water — like a faucet or spring. God is the source of love. The Bible says, “God is love” (1 John 4:16). Close your eyes and imagine God with the biggest heart of anyone you’ve ever met — just filled with love. That’s how He feels about you. He loves you more than you can ever begin to understand and even sacrificed His own Son Jesus to prove it.
You can receive His love today by asking Jesus to come into your life. Read through the four simple steps below and receive Him today!

1. God Loves You!
The Bible says, “God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life”
The problem is that…

2. All of us have done, said or thought things that are wrong. This is called sin, and our sins have separated us from God.

The Bible says “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” God is perfect and holy, and our sins separate us from God forever. The Bible says “The wages of sin is death.”
The good news is that, about 2,000 years ago,

3. God sent His only Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins.

Jesus is the Son of God. He lived a sinless life and then died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins. “God demonstrates His own love for us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.”
Jesus rose from the dead and now He lives in heaven with God His Father. He offers us the gift of eternal life — of living forever with Him in heaven if we accept Him as our Lord and Savior. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except by Me.”
God reaches out in love to you and wants you to be His child. “As many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe on His name.” You can choose to ask Jesus Christ to forgive your sins and come in to your life as your Lord and Savior.

4. If you want to accept Christ as your Savior and turn from your sins, you can ask Him to be your Savior and Lord by praying a prayer like this:

“Lord Jesus, I believe you are the Son of God. Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. Please forgive my sins and give me the gift of eternal life. I ask you in to my life and heart to be my Lord and Savior. I want to serve you always.”
Did you pray this prayer?

written by Ibrahim Gana Malgwi


*When a Girl Cries — The World
Consoles her
*But when a boy cries — They say
Come on man don’t be A Girl.
*If A Girl slaps a Boy — Definitely the Boy
would have
done something wrong.
*If a Boy Slaps a
girl — ppl will say: the Idiot doesn’t
know how to Respect Ladies.
*If a Girl is talking to Boys– She is
Very Friendly
*If a Boy talks to a Girl — He is
*If a Girl meets with accident –
Then its mistake!!!
*If a Boy meets with same accident,
Don’t you know how to Drive?
What a Ladies World

2 Reasons to love STRESS

2 Reasons to love stress? What? Huh?  This guy must be crazy!

Let me explain…

Many times we lump the feelings of discomfort, anxiety, uncertainty, procrastination and nervousness as stress. Right? Also, many times we look at stress as FULLY and SOLELY negative. Which, believe it or not, couldn’t be further from the truth.

Let’s take a closer look!

Science shows us that there is actually two forms of stress. The bad kind, distress, and the good kind, eustress. Distress is what we feel when we have procrastinated, lack s

elf confidence, get yelled at by a boss or a loved on

e or go through a traumatic experience.  Distress distracts us from feelings great, excited and joyful about life or upcoming events. This negative form of stress makes us feel weaker, mentally, physically and emotionally. Distress keeps us in a box.

On the other hand, eustress is one of our best friends!  Eust

ress is the stress that will keep us up all night because we are excited about our new job interview, event or venture. Eustress is what will have us practice our lines or body language in the mirror. This wonderful form of stress is the fuel that pushes us outside of our comfort zone and past out current limits. What a difference!

Now back to the question at hand: Why should I love stress? I mean, EUstress!

1. Eustress is needed for growth. Without being pushed past our limits, without being driven to excel, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we will never know what we are capable of. Eustress plays a major role in our motivation and allows us to rise above our challen


2. Eustress promotes enhanced concentration and focus. For example, have you ever been on a job interview and it seemed like every question they asked you, you were able to knock out of the park. Did it seem like you were unflinching and quick on your feet? Did you surprise yourself with how quickly and effectively you could tie together complex thoughts and ideas? That was eustress in all its glory! Next time you are ‘in the zone’ thank eustress for giving you that competitive edge!

The Tricky Part!

The tricky part is determining what kind of stress you are feeling. The goal is to never attempt to get rid of stress, that is not possible! The goal is to turn your Distress into Eustress!


Here some things you can try:

1. Embrace your fears. Don’t run from them, when they grab you, grab back and dance. Let your inner voice sound like, “Fear I see you, hear you and feel you! You might have stopped me before, but today is all mine and nothing will ruin it!”.

2. Create and maintain positive expectations. Days or weeks before, visualize yourself doing great work and receiving loving feedback. Make time in your day to make this visualization a habit. The tougher the task, the more you will need to practice and visualize your positive expectations.

3. Remember to breathe! Take deep diaphragmatic breathes whenever you feel stressed or tension in your face. Diaphragmatic breathes direct the blood flow from your head and heart to your stomach, relieving redness from your face and calms lightheadedness!

4. Re-imagine the worst case scenario. Remember that there is no failure, only results. Even if your ‘stressful’ event doesn’t go as planned, the goal was never perfection. A lack of perfection and mishaps make you human, not a failure!

In short, your attitude will determine  whether you are feelings distress or eustress. What side of the fence are you on? How can your stress to take you to the next, higher level?

“It’s not stress that kills us, it’s our reaction it.” -Hans Selye

Do you have a dream?

Do you have a dream?

Is there something you always wanted to achieve, but never really tried because you knew you couldn’t?  Perhaps because you were born the wrong side of the tracks?  Aren’t gifted enough?  Don’t have what it takes?

What is holding you back is not your circumstances.  Not the people around you.  Not lack of money or other resources.

What is holding you back is YOU!

That voice inside, telling you that you can’t do it, or it is too risky, or you will never have the resources.

So let me help you take that first step to living your dream.  Close your eyes, reach out and take my hand, and I will guide you.  Not to the climax of living your dream – that is a journey you must make by yourself.  But to the place where you can make that first step.

Are you there with me now, with eyes closed, holding my hand, trusting me to deliver what I have promised?  Good!

The first thing we are going to do is use that remote you have in your other hand (You didn’t know it was there, did you?  But it is!  Feel it right now.).  Feel for the “off” button, and push it.  Did you feel that?  The negative voice inside you saying “I can’t do it” has just been silenced.  The remote has put you right where you should be – in control.  That voice shouldn’t come back now, because you have switched it off.  If it tries, level your remote at it again and switch it off again.  You won’t need to do that many times, as it will soon get the message.  It thrives on the attention its victims give it, and it doesn’t like being turned off.  Turn it off a few times and it will go away.

Now turn the remote in the other direction and push the “on” button.  You are switching on a parallel voice.  One that says “I CAN do it”.  Hear that voice?  It is there right now, because you have switched it on.

Do this exercise as often as you need, but I suggest at least daily for the next seven days.  And certainly any time you feel any doubts about achieving that dream.  Soon you will find you can “zap” those negative thoughts instantly, without really even thinking about it.

And once you really have turned off that negative voice, the sky is the limit.  That dream really can become your reality.

Finally, take a quick look at this 2 minute clip of Will Smith in “The Pursuit of Happiness”, and take to heart what he has to say to his son:

What your words say about who you are and what you believe

What your words say about who you are and what you believe

Robert T. Kiyosaki’s rich dad once said to me, “If I listen to a person’s words, I begin to see and feel their soul.” Rich dad understood what many successful business people understand, that being able to quickly measure up a person based on things like body language or the words they use is just as important as understanding financial statements and economic reports.

One of his rich dad’s greatest skills was being able to “read” people, but he also believed you couldn’t judge a book by its cover. Like Henry Ford, his rich dad didn’t have an excellent education, but both men knew how to hire and work with people who did. Rich dad explained to him at an early age that the ability to bring smart people together and work as a team was one of his primary skills.

As a young boy, he sat with his rich dad when he hired people. From those interviews he learned to listen, not so much for just words, but also for core values. From that experience, he learned that, when it comes to the CASHFLOW® Quadrant, people in each quadrant—E for employee, S for self-employed, B for business, and I for investor—had their own way of talking that expressed who they truly were at their core.

E-quadrant words

A person who comes from the E quadrant might say, “I’m looking for a safe, secure job with good pay and excellent benefits.”

Words like these tell me that a person’s core value is security in the face of fear. People who embrace security as a response to fear like to have things in writing, knowing exactly what they’ll make and what their benefits are, such as health insurance provided by the employer. For them, the idea of security is often more important than money.

Employees can be presidents of companies…or janitors. It’s no so much what they do but the contractual agreement they have that’s important to them.

S-quadrant words

A person who comes from the S quadrant might say, “My rate is $75 per hour.” Or, “My normal commission rate is six percent.” Or, “I can’t seem to find good people to work on this project and get the job done right.” Or, “I’ve got more than twenty hours into this project.”

Those in the S quadrant like to be their own boss or “do their own thing.” When it comes to money, those in the S quadrant don’t like to have their income dependent on other people. If they work hard, they expect to get paid for their work. Conversely, they understand that if they don’t work hard, they don’t deserve to get paid well. They have fiercely independent souls.

B-Quadrant words

A person operating out of the B quadrant might say, “I’m looking for a new president to run my company.”

Those in the B quadrant are almost the opposite of those in the S quadrant. They like to surround themselves with people who can do the job better than they can. Their true motto is, “Why do it yourself when you can hire someone to do it for you, and they can do it better?”

Those in the B quadrant like to work on their company and hire smarter people to work in it.

I-Quadrant words

Someone operating from the I quadrant might say, “Is my cash flow based on an internal rate of return or a net rate of return?”

Investors make money with money. They don’t have to work because their money is working for them. Because of this, they know how money works. They understand the language of money, and they speak it fluently.

What do your words say about you?

Have you ever stopped and listened to the words that you use? A good exercise this week would be to slow down and listen to yourself. Find out what you say and how you say it. You may find that at your core, you’re someone different than you thought you were.

The same holds for those you work with or who work for you. Listen to their words this week as well.

In the end, our words are good indicators of what’s really important to us. The good news is that once we understand who we are at our core, we can then decide if we like that person or if we want to aspire to be something more. But it all starts with listening.


In life you’ll realize that there is a
purpose for every person you
meet. Never regret knowing
someone, good people will give
you happiness, bad people will
give you experience, while the
worst people will give you a
lesson, and the best people will
give you memories. God doesn’t
give the people we want, but the
people we need. Some people are
there to test you, some will use
you, some will teach you, and
some will bring out the best in
you. Trust in God and appreciate
everyone He brings into your life.

What exactly is FEAR?


I loved this image for a couple of reasons. The acronyms are sheer genius, but second and even more important – it reinforces and recognizes the choice we always have and the power we ALWAYS have. How we handle fear will determine who we are. Fear will determine the relationships you do or do not have, the places you go or don’t go, what you can and can’t handle, what you say yes or no to, your ability to seize opportunities and your able to learn, do, try and become something new. POWERFUL STUFF!!

Make fear your friend. Make fear the best thing to ever happen to you.

Make fear put you on a path of achievement and power.

Make your ability to ‘rise above’ fear, the foundation for your confidence, self esteem and self image.

And always remember that FEAR is nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real!


What is fear to you?