Career Day: Cohort 8 (The Rise of The Phoenix) Graduation

To mark the graduation ceremony Cohort 8 (Phoenix) of Semicolon Africa tag “the rise of the Phoenix” was a career day talk with Richard Amafonye [FBCS] the Head IT Resources of Access Bank Plc. the session was so informative and impactful.

Key lesson I toke away from the session was the Three(3) attribute of a great programmer.

  1. Laziness: Not being lazy in the sense of not doing anything, but not doing what you can automate. Why do things that you can automate, you should be so lazy to push you to learn to automate activities and actions.
  2. Impatience: Not being impatience that you can not wait, but being inpatient to push you to get things done and make things happen quickly.
  3. Hubris: Not be prideful but to take pride being able to effectively and efficiently doing your work with joy and pride.

PHD (Passion Hunger Determination) this is need along side competence, character and chemistry with this your set to take leverage advantage that technology has given us.

As a software engineer you are a solution provider and a value adding individual.

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Image Credit: kepner-tregoe

People usually do not realize how important decisions can be, until the make the wrong one.

The outcome of life is decisions, the right ones set us on the right path, the wrong ones set us on the wrong parth.

Everyday we make decisions, it is important to we think through each decision we make.