(The Kingdom First)

Eight (8) relationships in one year with men who were simply after my body and had no plan for a future with me.
I thought dating a married man would bring me happiness because I felt a level of security and comfort with him… The moral view of this was useless to me as all I wanted was A MAN TO LOVE & CARE FOR ME… which he did.
I lacked nothing as long as I graced his bed and met his manly needs more than the wife could do for the moment…
But into our relationship, reality dawned on me that he could never be MINE…

Dating guys in the same age group as mine was a big mess cause all we did was have sex, party, chat away the time and get temporal fun.
At least, the older married men impacted my life one way or the other but these small boys… All they do is waste one’s time and at the end give you nothing but unfaithfulness.

A point came in my life where I thought I had found the ONE, he was sweet, nice and caring… He was everything I needed in a man… We had a meaningful relationship but for sure there was a high demand for sex and other fruitless demands, but aside this he helped me grow in my business and supported my career with his intelligent business ideas.
Finally, I have found a husband, I was really hopeful…

I thought satisfying him sexually would keep him, I gave him my whole regardless of the consequences to my body… He would come up with crazy sex ideas and I would agree.
Thinking I was KEEPING MY MAN who would be my husband soon… I introduced him to my family members and everyone knew him as my husband to be.
Only for him to post PRE WEDDING PICTURES ON FACEBOOK after 2 weeks of being distant from each other…
He used me for his pleasure and spurned me after 4 months of relationship and several abortions…

It wasn’t the first so I overcame the pain soon enough…
Despite all, I wondered, why is it so hard to find my MAN because all I needed was a MAN…

Could this be your story?
If it is, please sit let us talk…

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and every other thing shall be added unto you including AN AMAZING HUSBAND.

You cannot love a man or enjoy his love without knowing or loving the Giver of Love…
You cannot search for love outside the Giver of Love…
GOD IS LOVE and only HE can satisfy YOU…

Stop looking for satisfaction outside CHRIST because at the end all it will bring you are
> Heart pains
> Regrets
> And a waste of your time
Seek GOD first before MAN
Find your wholeness in Christ and do not get entangled with people who would only
> Make you CRY
> Make you live a FRUITLESS life
> CHEAT on you
And make you feel WORTHLESS….

You know the deception of Satan, at first it’s sweet and enjoyable but the END is PAINFUL…
You must get angry with this fruitless living and seek God and His kingdom to be made whole…
Don’t settle for less, you are a QUEEN👸 and you deserve nothing but the BEST…
Don’t settle for the lies of SATAN that says
> You are not good enough
> No man can love you
> You are too dirty to be saved
These are all LIES because NO matter who you are or what you have done, Jesus will forgive your SINS and keep no record of your WRONGS…
All you need do is allow Him into your life and watch Him BEAUTIFY your life.
He will clean the mess and make you whole again, giving you A BRAND NEW LIFE.

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Elizabeth Tope – Ojo