If I Were A Boy Chapter 13

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When Alexa arrived home, her parents were seated in the living room with Paul, eating ice-cream.

“Oh you missed dinner. How about you join us for dessert?”
Her father said after she had greeted.

“Oh no, dad. I’m pretty exhausted. I just want to take my
shower and retire to bed.”
“But you can spare a few minutes to sit with us, can’t you?” Her father asked.
Alexa slumped her shoulders and sat down. It was a lost battle if her father
was involved. Her mother called the help to bring Alexa ice-cream. She took it
from her and thanked her.

“So how are you feeling now, Alexa?” Paul asked.

“Feeling much better, thanks for asking.”
“Good to know. I must admit, I was really worried when I first heard of your
incident. Thank God you’re alright.”

“Yeah and thanks for coming to see me…

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Wisdom Tuesday

“Visualize defeat and you will be defeated.
Visualize success, and you will achieve it. What you see is what you will be.”
Robert H. Schuller

The law of attraction is what ever you think most on is what will happen to you.

Don’t dwell on the negative I your mind, focus on the positive and dwell there.

If I Were A Boy Chapter 10

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Two days later, Alexa was discharged and transported to her parents’ residence. Brunch was ready when they arrived and Alexa was made to eat before being sent to bed to rest. Her phone kept beeping with messages to the point that her mother seized the phone and ordered her to sleep. She meant to keep the doctor’s recommendation of interrupted rest to the letter. She was grateful to have a passcode on it. The last thing she wanted was her mum snooping through her phone.

When she woke up hours later, she got out of bed and dragged
her feet to the bathroom. Ah, she missed this place. She splashed water on her
face and stared at herself in the mirror. She had left home in a fit of rage
that her parents were abusing their rights over her only to be brought back

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If I Were A Boy Chapter 6

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Theo came out of his office premises to find Alexa leaning on her car, texting on her phone. He paused to study her. It was the first time seeing her outside the car. She was well endowed in the right places; pretty slender legs, curvy hips and an appreciable bosom. She looked up and smiled.

“Hey, why are you out of the car?” He asked as he started towards her.

“Congratulations on getting your driver’s license.”
“Finally, huh?”

They hugged. He caught a whiff of her perfume; sweet
fragrance not strong enough to be nauseating. She pulled out of the hug and
handed over her keys. He looked at her curiously.

“You drive. Make me proud.”
He smiled and took the keys. He put his backpack on the back seat while Alexa
got settled on the passenger seat. He walked around the car and…

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If I Were A Boy Chapter 5

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Alexa pushed open the front gate into her parents’ residence. The lawn was perfectly trimmed as always. Anything less would be unpardonably acceptable by Mrs. Alice Baiden. She made sure the grass was green and the flowers bloomed even in the dry season. It was as if her life depended on them. She rang the bell and waited, practicing how best to wear her best smile.

The door opened.

“Sister Baaba, you are welcome. Please come in.”
“Thank you. How are you doing?” Alexa asked as she entered.

“Fine, thank you. I like your new look. It suits you well,”
Solace complimented.

“Thanks, Sol. Is mum at home?”
“She went to the salon to get her nails done. Would you want anything to drink?
Lunch is almost ready.”
“Is there Hollandia yoghurt?”
“Yes please.”
“Pour me a glass.”

She plopped herself on the sofa in…

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If I Were A Boy Chapter 3

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Theo smiled when he clicked on his Facebook notifications and found that Alexa had accepted his friend request. He opened her page and found an Instagram-synced photo of her with another guy eating KFC fries and chicken. Always fun to reunite with bestie of all time! I love you, Louie!

“Bestie, huh?” He muttered to himself. He had never really
believed in or favored the whole boy-girl best friend relationships. One was
definitely bound to fall for the other at one point. He studied the photos. Who
could be the one falling right now? He bit his lower lip as he tried to figure
it out. He decided to go to her Instagram page to find more photos of them.

The two seemed to make good on their bestie claims: lots of
photos together. None of them betrayed anything more of fun and friendship.

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