From Strength Not From Strain

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When people are getting on your nerves then I suggest you take a time out and be in the presence of God.
You need to get your priorities right, you need to get you thinking cleared, you need to get your focus straight.
When you feel people are on your nerves is a sign that you need to change and not them.
When you take the time out you come out with strength.
You will be able to associate and deal with people from a position of strength and not strain. You will not have to force yourself to accept and accommodate people b ut it flows easily because you have strength.


I saw this Story this morning and I love the morals in it and I will love to share with you.

A man and his wife never fought for 25 years of their marriage.πŸ‘«πŸ‘« A friend asked him how he had managed to make it possible.
He narrated:
“We went for our Honeymoon in Australia 25 years ago
and while riding on a horse,πŸ‡πŸΌπŸ‡πŸΌ. My wife’s horse jumped and my wife fell down. She got up,patted the horse’s back and said. “This is your first time”.πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ» After a while it happened again. She patted the horse again and said: “This is your second time”.πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
The horse did it again the 3rd time and She brought out a gunπŸ”«πŸ”« and shot the horse🐎🐎dead.
I Was so shocked 😳😳😳and I shouted at her. . . . . . . .”Are you crazy! What’s wrong with you? Why did you kill the horse?
She smiled at me and said “This is your first time”
Since then. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . My Mouth Pim.

Be careful when you offend people and they pardon you. Don’t take them for granted. They feel hurt and take it over and over again. You did it the first time, second time and so on and they pardon you. Don’t be surprised when they suddenly change their actions towards you. That is the human nature. When you offend God, he tells you, this is your first time and he gives you another chance. Don’t abuse it. As it been said, everyone deserves a second chance, but a 3rd chance is unpredictable. So make use of that second chance that God has given you to strengthen your relationship with him because you can’t tell if you will have a second chance.
Have a wonderful weekend….✍🏾✍🏾

Blessed is He Whom God Helps


It’s about God not humans …..Long time ago there lived a great king and two beggars who always stood at the gate of his palace everyday.

As the king rode by everyday, the 1st beggar would say ‘blessed is he whom the king helps’ while the 2nd beggar would say ‘blessed is he whom God helps’.

The king always felt pleased to hear the praise of the 1st beggar.

One evening the king decided to reward the 1st beggar for all the praise; he ordered his baker to bake a cake and wrap precious stones inside the cake.

The next day as he rode by, he gave the cake to the 1st beggar as he hailed him as usual.

The 1st beggar who was in dire need of cash sold the cake to the 2nd beggar at next to nothing.

When the 2nd beggar cut open the cake he saw the precious stones, sold them and became a wealthy man.

He did not return back to the kings gate the next day.

As the king rode out of his palace the next day, he saw the 1st beggar still asking for alms and stopped to ask him if he ate the cake he gave him.

The 1st beggar replied and said no sir, I sold it to my friend who was here with me yesterday; I have not seen him today.

The king continued his journey, telling everybody he met saying it is true that blessed is he that God helps.

Our God is the all knowing God, HE has not forgotten you. HE is always just in time.

Have a blessed and creative day ahead!

Strange things we do in Africa in the name of “It’s Our Culture

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*Strange things we do in Africa in the name of “It’s Our Culture

1. We care more for the dead than we do for the living!

2. We spend more to bury a person than we do to save their life.

3. We will not travel to go see a sick relative but will travel to bury him /her.

4. People will rarely respect you while alive but will want to “pay their last respects” to your casket.

5. A person may NEVER receive roses in their entire life but they will get lots dumped on their graveyard!

6. We will spend a night at a neighbour’s funeral and it will be our first time to see the inside of their house!

7. No one gives a damn to know your village until you die and they will all fill car after car to “escort” your corpse.

8. We will take the dead to the mosque/temple/church knowing fully well they had nothing to do with worship while alive.

9. We might not have granite tops in our kitchens but use the granite in the graveyard!

10. An entire village might not have a single house with cement floors but the only place with cement will be a graveyard!

*It is proposed we have “Cultural Reforms”. We have a culture of “hypocrisy”
… a culture that is “Pro-death” and NOT “Pro-life!”*
*We need to value life BEFORE death.*
*Best person ever who came to my heart left with scars but l will never forget that touch* Please love me while I am alive, show me your kindness now that I need it, your presence at my funeral will never make up for your absence when I have the greatest need of you. Do it now than regret later.

*This got me thinking πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†*


Hello my friends,

Give me a few minutes of your time and read what I have to say about life. Here we go…

This life is a gift; a short, transient and fleeting experience. I’m writing this because I noticed humans are overzealous in nature, greedy and having excessive ambition.

All the choices we make in life (weather good or bad), all the hard work and all the competition will one day be useless and not matter. Today we’re here and tomorrow we’re no more. Its just a matter of decades before we will be replaced by a generation that probably wouldn’t know we ever existed. The wisest, the richest, the handsome, the prettiest… at the end we will all look the same: a mass of bones! We will all pass away, only remembered by the love and kindness we’ve shown. We take life a shade too serious; serious in a foolish way. I think of this world no more than I think of a camp. We’re all here. We’re supposed to be pitching tents here and building mansions up there but we’re doing it the other way round.

Why lose sleep over misfortunes? Why envy your friend when they are “better” than you? As if both of you are not going to fade away. Why worry? As if present doesn’t become past. Why get so anxious? As if the future won’t come to pass.

Its just too bad that our approach to life is so wrong. We let fame and success go into our heads and allow disappointments and misfortunes weigh us down. I have a lot to say but I’ll have to stop here otherwise I’ll be a bore.

Live with no strife, show love and be kind, eat a lot of healthy food (I love food πŸ˜‹) and learn the art of living peacefully with men. ✌

#Stay_happy #Be_positive



When you meditate on God’s Word (to mutter to yourself, to think deeply into, to ponder), it puts you in that verse and it puts that verse in you. The Word becomes real to you; it becomes alive. Meditating on God’s Word helps you to β€œown” it, and you know that you can’t spend something you don’t own. Many people have learned to confess God’s Word, but sometimes with little results, because they haven’t taken the time to meditate on it first and to make it real to their own hearts.


In Life conflict arises from looking at the same thing (with pride) from different perspective.
If only we can humble ourselves and try to see things from another view, from another person point of view, must of the conflict on life can be avoided.
Learn not to argue with anyone who can see things the ways you see it. It is Wisdom if you can bring the person to you point of view and also try to go to their own point of view.
If only did Donald Trump view his candidature from the view of the media and people he won’t have continued the presidential campaign race.
Learn to stand on another new view point.

US Election #Lessons

What I learn from the just concluded US presidential election.

1. The fact that there is too much Hate for you does not mean you should change your mind.

2. If you have a goal don’t lose focus.

3. When people are saying it’s not possible
Ask your self are they those that matter.
Everything is possible to them that believe and remain true to their believe.