Ibrahim Gana Malgwi’s Blog.

This blog started as me sharing tips and stories to inspire and motivate people.

Now the blog is going to be about my life and personal journey and struggles, I want to share lessons I learnt I over the course of my life, the mistakes I have can be a guide to help someone avoid similar mistakes.

Who is Ibrahim Gana Malgwi?
Ibrahim Gana Malgwi, is a young Nigerian who has passion for excellence and great desire to make this world a better place.

Technology has been a passion for me for over 23 years years, right now I am a software Engineering trainee at semicolon Africa.

This blog is an avenue I us to share with other what have help me in life. I share what I have learned from my own experiments and experiences others and I put all together and figure out how to build a better life.
This site, its content and I are work in progress. I am sharing what I have discovered so far, and what others have discovered. I hope it can as well help you in some way.

What I write (and post “some are not my writings)  are things that have had a positive effect on my life. Some or maybe many of these thoughts and strategies may work for you too to some degree. We are all unique, but perhaps more importantly, we are all very similar.
But note that I’m not a therapist; I just talk to you the little way I can, hoping that you’ll find succor and a reason to start again (in case you have failed before) or soar higher (if you are already on the move).

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  1. Thank you for such an inspiring words, may God bless you and enrich your wisdom with many more inspiring stories that will change peoples attitute toward serving God in this end time, amen.


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