If I Were A Boy Chapter 17

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Esme smiled when the door opened and saw Alexa.

“Hey you.” They hugged each other tightly. Alexa closed the
door and hooked her arm around Esme’s as they walked into the living room.

“How are you doing?”
“I’m good. Yourself?”
“I’m great. Now, are you going to tell me what was eating you up back at

They both sat down, facing each other.

“Sorry for that bitchy attitude. It had nothing to do with
“Okay…you still haven’t answered my question though. What’s up?”
“I sometimes don’t get Louie. Sometimes he’s all needy and in your space, other
times, he acts like you’re encroaching in his space.”
Alexa chuckled knowingly. “Yeah, that’s Louie for you. He can be strange
“How then have you been able to stay friends for this long?”
“I give him the space he wants when he starts acting up…

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If you are indeed a civil servant, please stand for the piece below and even pray its fulfilment.


All of us will get old one day…..in few years to come it !will be your turn!*

The current pension manipulations should be stopped by Nigerians now!

I was very happy when the Senate recently made a move to adjust the Pensions Act to enable Nigerians withdraw up to seventy five percent of their cumulative savings. The liberty should even extend to allowing pensioners withdraw their whole sum. The law could also give pensioners the liberty to either withdraw their total sum or give the Pension Administrators the kind of investments they want!

After spending sixty years or thirty five years of active service to your nation gathering all types of experiences finance, administration etc. PFA still termed you as novice; you don’t know how to handle your hard earned entitlements!

I will make a simple illustration here: MR. A retires at sixty and has =N=20m as his savings. He accesses 50% of =N=20m which equals =N=10m. The balance =N=10m is to be spread over 180 months (15years) and MR. A earns =N=55,555 monthly for 15years and he stops earning anything because he is expected to die at 75. If MR. A will be allowed to have his total sum of =N=20m, ceteris paribus (all things being equal), he could invest in the Money Market or Government Treasure Bills. Currently and authoritatively =N=20m fetches up to 15% on a 70 days tenor. Meaning =N=20m gives about =N=3m per annum. Divide =N=3m by 365 days and multiply by 30 days gives MR. A, a monthly earning of =N=246,575 without depleting his capital of =N=20m!

Why have we been quiet. Nigerians should wake up from this very deep slumber. The sum given to an average pensioner is not up to the interest the Administrators rake in on his/her capital. This manipulation/exploitation made the PFAs the richest entities even richer than Nigeria its self!

Please share this widely to save yourselves at old age. The National Assembly should save the Nigerian elders now! these is a call to save us all from EXPLOITATION AND CORRUPTION

If I Were A Boy Chapter 15

Joseyphina's World

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Alexa and Theo planned to hang out together one Saturday. Alexa came out of her room wearing jeans shorts, a T-shirt with the words ‘Let’s vibe!” printed stylishly on it and some grey sneakers. Her mother took in her wigless appearance in oversized sunglasses and arched a brow.

“Going window shopping or something?”

“Nah, going to hang out with a friend.”
“You mean Louie and Esme?”
“No, another friend. We met during my driving days.”
“And you’re going without a wig?”
“Nah, he knows me like this.”
“A he…I see. I hope it’s nothing serious.”
“Well, I’m keeping my options open, mum,” Alexa said, walking past her to the
dining table and opened a bowl of roasted groundnuts. She cupped one hand and
poured some into it. She popped some into her mouth and covered the bowl.

“What do you mean? Is this friend of…

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