Where feminism gets it wrong?

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Feminism is not a new term but it is a new popular term or we can say it’s the new trend. The dictionary definition of feminism is ‘the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of equality of sexes’. Those who are calling themselves feminists or are the preacher of feminism these days can be categorized as; the show-offs, the hard-cores and the opportunists. Show-offs are those who don’t have any say and will follow any latest trend in the society just to look cool and updated. Hard-cores are those who have certain beliefs and follow a doctrine. The opportunists are those who have other motives which they are trying to fulfill by following and supporting feminism. These show-offs and opportunists are corrupting the concept of feminism because they don’t care whether women are getting their rights or not, they are only using it to their benefit. Opportunists are…

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How Smart People Behave 

​I saw  this and I taught it’s right for me share. 

1 change their mind

2 read more 

3 write more 

4 talk less, but say more  

5 stay teachable 

6 show appreciation 

7 ask lots of questions 

8 work on problems longer 

9 when stuck, ask for help 

10 have smarter friends 

11 seek feedback 

12 collaborat