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As you’re preparing to receive your first salary for the year 2022

January Wisdom

J-oin contribution if you are a salary earner it will help you a lot.

A-void unnecessary expenses because things may slow down for the next two months.

N-egotiate for something moderate don’t copy others who pay heavily for same quality and quantity. No competition In life.

U-nderstand the economy and plan ahead of time because you can’t predict another economic meltdown in a country where almost everybody want to steal.

A-void the temptation of women, friends, relatives, who have the habit of lavishing your resources.

R-educe the number of days you fuel your generator. At least feel the pains of others who don’t have one. It makes you appreciate God’s blessings and his supply.

Y-ou should be wise/careful the way you take loan, always learn to be contented with what you have.

I hope this will help someone.
God bless all of us


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Talent is another word for desire. Our focus becomes centered on what we wish to do practicing again and again, until we master the needed skills.

Talent can be developed. We need not compare ourselves to others, who seem “better” for each of us can enjoy to the extent of our ability the dreams of our heart.

Tasking what God gives us with gratitude

Allowing ourselves to succeed

Living life to its fullest

Enjoying what makes our hearts sing

Never let other people’s talent discourage you

Taking time each day for your passion

This write up has inspired me so I decide to share it too.

What Is Stopping You?

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I saw this story about an 11 year old girl, I will like to share to motivate you.

Rhea Bullos, an 11-year-old track athlete from the Philippines, went viral after competing in a local inter-school running. Bullos won three gold medals in the 400-meter, 800-meter, and 1,500-meter competitions.

The girl went viral not only because she won but because she didn’t have running shoes and decided to use bandages as shoes.

I always say and I will reiterate that at any point in your life, Know that you have everything you need to succeed. The girl did not focus at what those who had shoes had, she focused of using what she had and has further opened many other opportunities. Many of us wouldn’t have participated for fear of what other runners or spectators where going to say about us and would have missed an opportunity that would have improved our lives.

How many opportunities have passed you because you are not using what you have? Stop focusing on how other people started and start using what you have. You are enough.

Hope this inspired you, then share with others .