Daily I see people go through life blindly, and they do that wilfully. Wilfully because they are scared or don’t want to ask question for fear of been seen as uninformed or weak, but the reality you uninformed if you don’t ask questions.

Questions can mean:

  1. a sentence worded or expressed so as to elicit information.
  2. a matter requiring resolution or discussion.

I love the first definition of question; you asked question to as to gain more information, to remove any ambiguity in order to gain more clarity.

To be successful or to learn more, you can run away from questions (and not silly questions) don’t be scared to ask questions.

I love this quote “When you know better, you do better” Maya Angelou.

Asking helps you gain clarity; it helps you shorten your journey, and it helps straighten your path to the top.

Jesus speaking in Matthew 7:7 charged his followers to always ASK, SEEK and KNOCK. I love to break the about as A(ask) S(seek) K(knock). This means asking is not something you do casually seeking and knocking requires conscious deliberate action.

Be intentional in living and all you, so learn to always ASK, a simple how can I do this can give almost 50% clarity.

Learn to ask WHY five (5).

My charge for you today is to always ASK.