African Ladies Hear This

This is my advice for all Ladies and myself……. I’m
sorry If it will annoy you but it’s
the Truth, you really have to take
correction now. Dear ladies,
Firstly, if you are still struggling to
find a husband at an old age because you are
looking for a
perfect man, Something is wrong
with you, Sorry to say that but it’s
true. Your propaganda magazine
tells you that ‘All men are liars,
cheats and useless, but let’s be honest here,
which is more likely?.
Is it that there’s something wrong
with about 70million African men,
OR there is
something wrong with one African
Woman?.Ladies, you certainly will not get into
a blissful matrimony if
you are always hanging out with
your so called girlfriends every
night at a beer palour or bar and
waiting for a guy to buy you a drink
and take you home. Drinking yourself to
stupor every Friday and
Saturday nights does
not exactly make you look like a
marriage material. You
want a man?. Invest in a good
wardrobe, and dress responsibly. When a man
comes to you, smile
and be polite, even if he does
not fit your mental image of your
kind of man. Ladies please and
please, stop going into a
relationship with a chip on your shoulder. If
you believe all men are
bad and all men are Dogs, then it
will become a self fulfilling
No man is perfect!. Even you!.
You say you can’t marry a blue collar guy like
a mechanic or
carpenter. If a carpenter was good
enough to marry MARY THE MOTHER
isn’t one good enough for you?. Do
not focus on where a man is now, but look
and see where he has the
potentials to be. What’s
the point of being beaten to a pulp
every night by some rich, good
looking and non caring man?. Do
you want a future where you will sit in a
traffic in your car with
sunglasses covering your swollen
eyes, you look out of the window
and see a happy couple in a Tuk Tuk
holding hands and laughing like
newly wedded couple even after 12 years of

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