8 Things You Need To Know About Watermelon

8 Things You Need To Know About Watermelon.

In the Last article I wrote, which I titled Short Steps to Improve Digestion Naturally leads me to writing about benefit of Watermelon. What is Watermelon? Is it good to eat Watermelon on daily basis? Let us find out…

Watermelon is a natural fruit gifted to man by nature. As a fruit, it contains several health benefits thereby making it a very important fruit to man. In most countries, Watermelon is consumed during the summer; it is a summer fruit because it helps preventing Sun heat.

There are several health benefits of Watermelon but I will start with “Protection of Cancer” as number one.

1. Watermelon contains some substances that gives the body protection against Cancer. It is antioxidants and has flavonoids which helps in protecting the body from Caners like, breast, colon, and so many others.

2. The vitamins present in Watermelon treats infections in the body. It also helps in treating joint inflammation.

3. Important element like Potassium and Manganese works on blood pressure regulation. As well, the antioxidants present in Watermelon helps maintain the blood vessels against sclerosis.

4. Watermelon removes salt accumulation from the body and also reduce the concentration of Uric acid in the blood thereby reducing the risk of having kidney stone due to presence of Potassium.

5. Another importance of Watermelon is it cures heart problems. As stated, Watermelon contain abundant potassium which is needed to cure heart diseases. It keeps your heart healthy.

6. Watermelon reduces the high effect of Ultra Violent ray, UV, the presence of  a pigment called Lycopene in Watermelon protect the body against Ultra Violent rays.

7. Most important too, it gives the brain refreshment. Watermelon increases brain power as it contains good amount of  Vitamin B6 and water which is most important to the brain

8. Finally, it is anti-ageing. It makes your body, skin, hair and  parts of your body look young and.


Post By Ibrahim Gana Malgwi

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