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There was an aged artist who lived in a small village. The man used to design beautiful artistic works to be sold at an attractive price

One day, a poor man among the villagers challenged the old man saying: You earn a lot of money from your handiwork but why don’t you assist indigent people in the village?

Cant you see the butcher who is not as rich as you are, but still shares free meat to the destitute people in the village.
Also, look at the village baker, a poor man with a large family, yet he gives the poor people free loaves of bread.

The artist did not respond angrily to the challenges, rather just smiled .

The poor man was so confused about the reaction of the artist so he left him and went out spreading rumors that the artist was so rich, but he was a stingy person who only accumulated wealth and refused to help less privileged. The entire villagers took vengeance, they broke away from the old artist man and they all forsook him.

In a mean time, the aged artist was sick but nobody among the villagers cared to visit him, therefore he died a lonely man.

The days passed by, the villagers observed that the butcher stopped free distribution of meat and the baker could not give the destitute people free loaves of bread any more, despite their continuous trooping to the bakery and their hope to have something to eat.

When both (the butcher and the baker) were asked the reason behind the sudden cut off of the welfare to the villagers, they said that: ” the elderly artist who used to donate a large sum of money every month to share free meat and loaves of bread to the poor people in the village has died, so the welfare has to stop.”

Actually, many people may have wrong impression about you while others may have different opinions, none of them could benefit nor harm your good intention.

Therefore, don’t pass judgment on any one based on his physical appearance. There are things about his personal life, if you were privileged to know, your judgement would surely be different.

For example, a man died at nightspot/ dance hall.

The other person died in the mosque/Church.

The first person entered the dance hall with intention to preach to them (against indecency)

The second person entered the mosque/Church to steal money or bags.

For this reason, you and I can not decide who enters heaven nor who enters hell-fire. Fear God in privacy and fear God in the open. Human physical appearance is a deception, therefore, forgive, pardon and ignore people’s iniquities. Pray for God’s guidance on erring people. Be good to everybody, don’t cut off your relationship with a person who does not please you. Establish unity and harmony with people, God will love you and people will love you too. The Lord Who created the souls, knows what the souls conceals.

I found this story very insightful and I think I should share

Doing The Needful.

Ten (10) lives were saved at Kabba Kogi state on the 2nd of February when a private chopper crash landed.

Among the survivors is the Vice President of Nigeria with his aids and crew members. As a Nation we are happy and join the 10 and their families in giving gratitude to God for the averted tragedy.

I am doing the post because there are many social media trending posts and tweet about the accident.

There is a case of the brave man who have the video footage of the crash, he was lashed on twitter for not rushing to the crash location and offer immediate help but was recording. Other were offended because he keep saying Jesus repeatedly instead of doing something. He actually did the bravest thing he can, getting the crash on record, he can not just rush in and offer help to a crash the have the VP of the Nigeria. He might not have any first Aid knowledge or the know-how of handeling emergencies, so he did what he could do and as such be seen as a national hero (I suggest he giving a national honour “Member of the Order of the Niger”)

There those that use it to gain political relevance and also solicits for cheep votes, since the Nation is heading towards the polls in about twelve (12) days from today. They say that there was an attack in the northeast and many lives where lost and the presidency have not say anything about it and as such the victims of the crash deserve no sympathy as no life is better than another. But what can one possibly get from such political nonsense. It is better to be morally correct than politically correct.

The VP went ahead to continue with the campaign in Kogi, because they all survived without any major injuries (it was reported no injuries at all). Many hail the VP as a brave man. Me I am of the opinion that continuing with the campaign is not an act of bravery. The 10 of them should to be given extended rest and psychological evaluation. The trip be cancelled to avoid PTS.

We need to work on our emergency response to incidences like this, when you watch the video there is no sign of any form of organized rescue team or operation, no Ambulance, no fire service, no NEMA.

It is a pity that the VP of a nation will be rescued from a crash unprofessionally, it is a pity that we are not concern with how they could handle the trauma but we hailed him and allowed to continue with the campaigns.

As a nation like Nigeria with one of the largest presidential fleets why will the VP use a private chopper?

Post Traumatic Syndrome is real and it is dangerous both to the victim and those around them, I know we don’t believe in PTS in Nigeria but it is real and harmful. They all might to have been hurt physically but mentally and psychologically they might be hurt.

We need to learn to do the needful as a nation.

Thank you.