Nigeria the Floating Giant

Nigeria will remain a Sick Giant as long as it is perpetually bedeviled and plagued by grotesque incompetent leaders suffering from historical amnesia.

We will continue to progress retrospectively with abysmal ridicule from lesser countries.

Nigeria can rise again and take her place if our demographic mediocrity and parochial loyalty to individuals in power is subordinated to true nationalism; consciously and conscientiously buried.

Nigeria is merely floating at the moment. The crop of officialdom we have are nothing but a Tsunami to this raped Nation.

Nigeria has everything required to lead Africa. We have the intellectuals, we have the wealth, we have great men and women with vision; but focused and visionary leadership has remained a challenge since independence. Ethnicity, religion, zoning and primitive partisanship has continued to hold us back.

Nigerian has lost her birth-right and big brother status. We pray our children in their own generation wakes up the sleeping giant.

Africa will raise again!

  • Philippa Asiodu

Colour Coding For Toothpaste

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Ever wondered what the colour strips at the bottom of toothpaste really means?

Here is what they mean.

Next time you buy check the colour code and I recommend you buy the Green or Blue.

Thank you.

The Role Of INEC In Electoral Rigging

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Three day to the general election, but it has been a tough week for INEC, having to deal with the pressure they are to meet the date line having postponed the election that was scheduled for last weekend to this weekend due to logistics.

There many crying foul to the postponement, as it is a plane to rig the election for the ruling party.

My concern is to the fact that there are fake ballot boxes and papers already in possession of many political parties.

I made video about the role of INEC in electoral rigging.

The practice of INEC in printing excess ballot papers has made it possible for elections to be rigged. This is an organization that have data and statistics, they know how many registered voters are in Nigeria, they know to the total number of collected PVC’s so why print excess ballot papers, also one of the major suppliers of sensitive electoral materials is also contesting in thr forthcoming elections.

I wish Nigerians can come together and demand a change from INEC. We need to start having Voters Identification Number printed on ballot papers or if possible switch to electronics voting system. We also need to have the next president of Nigeria to sign the Electoral Amendment Acts.

Thank you.

INEC Who Is Responsible

Gimbiya of PurpleSilver Book Club wrote this and I think we need to make sure someone is hold accountable and responsible.

Some states declared WORK-FREE day yesterday with possible economic losses running into billions (that is if they even bother to put figures to decisions of this nature).

Many Businesses, including BANKS, observed half-day work yesterday thereby sacrificing billions in the process…

Federal, State and Local Governments have deployed human and material resources and logistics (which would now probably have to be pulled back or resettled somehow against the rescheduled dates) at sums that will blow the mind…

Businesses (most especially media organisations) have also deployed resources at great sums that are most definitely unrecoverable…

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people have, at great personal costs travelled locally and internationally to ensure we carry out this civic obligation…

Transactions, both local and international, were deliberately scheduled, arranged or structured to accommodate the dates earmarked for these elections (you can’t even begin to put numbers to likely cost of ANOTHER rescheduling!)…

At individual relationship level, only God alone knows what would happen to wedding dates (and other important occasions) that were fixed probably after taking into consideration the election dates…hall rentals already paid for, flight tickets booked, leave days approved etc…

And some remorseless and unapologetic people that had 3+years to prepare for a single assignment, just sat there around a table to tell a Nation of over 200million people that elections have been postponed…not weeks before…not even days before…BUT few HOURS before and in the dead of the NIGHT when responsible people have already slept with the rested assurance that the impending new day will offer another opportunity at resetting this Nation!!!

Why are we like this in this Nation? Why do we treat ourselves with no respect? Why are we so insensitive and inconsiderate?

The most painful and bitter reality is that nobody and I mean NOBODY, will be sanctioned for this. We will simply move on, shrug our shoulders and await the next brutal disappointment! Just the way we roll!