This is a Touching Story

I saw this write up and I will love to share with you.

Two Different Men

Two pictures, both Teachers, both Muslims, both Northerners, both entrusted with the studies, care and guardianship of our little kids.The one in white is a Teacher in F.G.C Birnin yauri, Kebbi State.The one in black is the Proprietor and a Teacher of Noble Kids Primary school, Nasarawa Kano stateThe one in White, asked the Kidnappers who took away Students of F.G.C Birnin Yauri last year, to either release the kids, take Him in their place, or kidnap him as well. The kidnappers kidnapped Him as well.He knew He stood the risk of being killed by the vicious bandits, but He chose to stay with His students in captivity and suffer with them, watch over them or even die with them.The one in Black Kidnapped His own pupil, knowing fully well she’s an only child, took the Mother’s contact from the School parents contact book, requested for Ransom, got the Ransom and eventually killed 5year old Hanifa.The one in White is a hero and should be celebrated The one in Black is clearly a villain who should face the full wrath of the law.There are good and bad people in every Profession, in every tribe & in every religion.The evil acts of Abubakar Tanko(in black) may make the Public see all Teachers, Hausa’s and Muslims as evil, but then the heroic acts of the Teacher in white who shares the same tribe, religion and job as Abubakar, definitely counters such perceptions.The name of the Teacher in white is Muktar Abdullahi and He needs to be Nationally celebrated. God bless Him.

Credit. Abiyamo

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