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As you’re preparing to receive your first salary for the year 2022

January Wisdom

J-oin contribution if you are a salary earner it will help you a lot.

A-void unnecessary expenses because things may slow down for the next two months.

N-egotiate for something moderate don’t copy others who pay heavily for same quality and quantity. No competition In life.

U-nderstand the economy and plan ahead of time because you can’t predict another economic meltdown in a country where almost everybody want to steal.

A-void the temptation of women, friends, relatives, who have the habit of lavishing your resources.

R-educe the number of days you fuel your generator. At least feel the pains of others who don’t have one. It makes you appreciate God’s blessings and his supply.

Y-ou should be wise/careful the way you take loan, always learn to be contented with what you have.

I hope this will help someone.
God bless all of us

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