Now That Your Indoors What Are You Doing

When you wake up and see this, I want you to remember that you are a Nigerian in Nigeria. When your rent is due, your landlord will ask for his money whether you are in quarantine or not.
You do not have the luxury to Netflix and chill.
Netflix with sense. You are even paying money to watch the film. You pay rent on Netflix. What is your plan after covid 19? Come back and answer me

You can post all the quotes that satisfy your laziness or massage your ego. When you are done with quotes, you come and face real life. You better not be busy doing all the challenge online and forget to challenge yourself to come out of this phase better if not brand new. The real challenge is the one you give yourself, by yourself for yourself.
Stop comparing, focus on you. You do not have all the time.

I’m praying about it is not a solution dear. Faith without works is what? DEAD.
Pray ,plan and execute. Bills do not answer to prayer, they answer to money! Johnnymontage said it.

There are families who cannot afford to buy food. Some bought and right now, everything has finished. Hold on. Have you thought about the market after covid 19? The way things are right now? Some offices will owe salary for some months, some businesses will phase out, some will stall. What is your plan? When the excuse for staying indoors is taking away, what will be your reason for going out?

Life is balance. Right in your room or wherever you are quarantined, look for avenues to improve yourself. Work on YOU. Right where you are. I’m not going to narrow it down to you, it’s up to you to figure it out. Everything is vanity ba, tell your children when they are driven from school to sit at home. Tell them when there is nothing to eat to sleep that food is vanity. Tell your debtor to forget the money that it is vanity. You are a Nigerian in Nigeria. What you cast and bind for, other countries get for free.