Are You Always The Focus?


Take time to understand someone’s truth, before forming your own opinion, Know their story before you gossip about their name, Know their path, before you criticize their walk.

You don’t know how far they have come, nor what they have been through, so stop judging them like you do. Their lives may not be perfect, but their lives sure and indeed is worth it.

Someone can face the same situation as you and handle it completely differently; Someone can go through the same situation as you went through and come out differently.

Your molehill could be someone else’s mountain, so don’t judge their process, rather encourage them, pray for them, support them.

Just because their road seem rocky doesn’t mean it won’t lead them to a beautiful place! Just because they made a few mistakes in the past doesn’t mean they can’t eventually get it right.

Everyone has a struggle; Just because someone else’s struggle is more public than yours doesn’t make you a better person, You probably just hide yours well.

Its time to Focus on “you” and ask yourself Is your life actually better? Are you making the desired progress in your daily walk? We often focus on other peoples flaws that we fail to see ours; Your life can actually be better if you choose to focus your effort on you rather than spotlighting other peoples flaws; You can’t become who you want to be by remaining who you are; It’s time to stop acting like you are perfect and start making your life better! You can’t change your tomorrow’s by having your today’s look like your yesterday’s.

So before you criticize others, don’t forget to check the mirror. It’s a great place to start passing judgement; #smiles

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