If I Were A Boy Chapter 13

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When Alexa arrived home, her parents were seated in the living room with Paul, eating ice-cream.

“Oh you missed dinner. How about you join us for dessert?”
Her father said after she had greeted.

“Oh no, dad. I’m pretty exhausted. I just want to take my
shower and retire to bed.”
“But you can spare a few minutes to sit with us, can’t you?” Her father asked.
Alexa slumped her shoulders and sat down. It was a lost battle if her father
was involved. Her mother called the help to bring Alexa ice-cream. She took it
from her and thanked her.

“So how are you feeling now, Alexa?” Paul asked.

“Feeling much better, thanks for asking.”
“Good to know. I must admit, I was really worried when I first heard of your
incident. Thank God you’re alright.”

“Yeah and thanks for coming to see me…

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