If I Were A Boy Chapter 6

Joseyphina's World

Read Chapter 5 here.

Theo came out of his office premises to find Alexa leaning on her car, texting on her phone. He paused to study her. It was the first time seeing her outside the car. She was well endowed in the right places; pretty slender legs, curvy hips and an appreciable bosom. She looked up and smiled.

“Hey, why are you out of the car?” He asked as he started towards her.

“Congratulations on getting your driver’s license.”
“Finally, huh?”

They hugged. He caught a whiff of her perfume; sweet
fragrance not strong enough to be nauseating. She pulled out of the hug and
handed over her keys. He looked at her curiously.

“You drive. Make me proud.”
He smiled and took the keys. He put his backpack on the back seat while Alexa
got settled on the passenger seat. He walked around the car and…

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