If I Were A Boy Chapter 5

Joseyphina's World

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Alexa pushed open the front gate into her parents’ residence. The lawn was perfectly trimmed as always. Anything less would be unpardonably acceptable by Mrs. Alice Baiden. She made sure the grass was green and the flowers bloomed even in the dry season. It was as if her life depended on them. She rang the bell and waited, practicing how best to wear her best smile.

The door opened.

“Sister Baaba, you are welcome. Please come in.”
“Thank you. How are you doing?” Alexa asked as she entered.

“Fine, thank you. I like your new look. It suits you well,”
Solace complimented.

“Thanks, Sol. Is mum at home?”
“She went to the salon to get her nails done. Would you want anything to drink?
Lunch is almost ready.”
“Is there Hollandia yoghurt?”
“Yes please.”
“Pour me a glass.”

She plopped herself on the sofa in…

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