The Anonymous Reliable Source

photo Credit.

Fake news and information has been the order of the day, of recent there has been a high rise in the number of fake news in circulation. Sadly must of this fake new are been reported by licence media outfits.

Fake news is a tool use in diving the masses and creating confusion and also the cover up for the truth. Many fake news are misdirection given to the masses in order to hid vital happenings, today fake news are been initiated by government to keep the masses in the dark.

What is the way out of this is for the masses to demand the truth and not facts, the truth of the matter is what will finally eradicate fake news. All facts are not truth but all truth are facts and truth.

We must break away from trusting statement like this “from reliable source” “who ask to be anonymous” when the a news or information have no real backing then it’s not true.

People who speak the truth are not afraid so they don’t stay anonymous, most times those anonymous individuals are a bad intention and seeking to ruin someone’s live or reputation.

I challenge all who want to speak to back the words with truth and not hid behind the mask of anonymous reliable source for evil intention.

You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free “Jesus Christ”

Thank you.

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