Change Looking At the #10yearchallenge

#10yearchallenge has been viral over the week, I also post a picture from 10 ago and the transformation was just awesome.

Today a friend who bought my type of phone Tecno Pouvor LA7

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made me realize that change is constant and one must change (improvement).

About five years ago or more I said I can never use a Tecno phone because I was enjoying my Blackberry phones, I was one (still am) of the biggest fan of Blackberry I have used almost 7 different blackberry phones.

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I have to switch from blackberry to tecno now because of change.

I made a video of my tecno phone here is the link.

The change in the technology world over the last five years was remarkable, Blackberry then was ahead and Tecno was behind but now five years letter, Tecno have embraced the changing trend in the technological and Social Media world while Blackberry has not.

So the big question is what kind of change did you go through in the last 10 years?

It is not late you too can take a bold step towards change and being a better you.

Thank you.