Hello my friends,

Give me a few minutes of your time and read what I have to say about life. Here we go…

This life is a gift; a short, transient and fleeting experience. I’m writing this because I noticed humans are overzealous in nature, greedy and having excessive ambition.

All the choices we make in life (weather good or bad), all the hard work and all the competition will one day be useless and not matter. Today we’re here and tomorrow we’re no more. Its just a matter of decades before we will be replaced by a generation that probably wouldn’t know we ever existed. The wisest, the richest, the handsome, the prettiest… at the end we will all look the same: a mass of bones! We will all pass away, only remembered by the love and kindness we’ve shown. We take life a shade too serious; serious in a foolish way. I think of this world no more than I think of a camp. We’re all here. We’re supposed to be pitching tents here and building mansions up there but we’re doing it the other way round.

Why lose sleep over misfortunes? Why envy your friend when they are “better” than you? As if both of you are not going to fade away. Why worry? As if present doesn’t become past. Why get so anxious? As if the future won’t come to pass.

Its just too bad that our approach to life is so wrong. We let fame and success go into our heads and allow disappointments and misfortunes weigh us down. I have a lot to say but I’ll have to stop here otherwise I’ll be a bore.

Live with no strife, show love and be kind, eat a lot of healthy food (I love food 😋) and learn the art of living peacefully with men. ✌

#Stay_happy #Be_positive


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