Towards a Better Marriage 3: Accept Your Spouse as Your Mr/Mrs Right.

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Before you got married, you searched for your ever elusive Mr/Mrs Right. After you got married, do you think you made the right choice? Or, is your mind playing games with you that you made a mistake in your choice of spouse?

Welcome to the third post in thetowards a better marriageseries. In theintroductory post,we talked aboutthe fact that problems are inevitable in marriage. But it was also pointed out that your spouse is not the problem personified.

If you see your spouse as the problem in your marriage, you will end up blaming him/her anytime anything goes wrong in the relationship.

The blame game is not a pleasant game to engage in. Thatled us to the second post in the series:6 Simple Reasons You Should Not Blame Your Spouse.

We saw that blaming your spouse doesnot solve the problem in your marriage…

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