Grow With Change


Change is inevitable, but growth is optional; you’ll either fight it or flow with it, but know this-if you’re not willing to leave Egypt, you’ll never get to the Promised Land.
Author Gayle Sheehey says, “if you can’t change, you won’t grow, and if you’re not growing, you’re not really living. Growth means giving up familiar but limiting patterns, safe but unrewarding work, values no longer believed in, and relationships that have lost their meaning. Taking a new step or uttering a new word is what we fear most, but in reality, our fear should be the exact opposite.”
Rabbi Samuel Silver writes, “The greatest of all miracles is that we need not to be tomorrow what we are today, if only we’ll use the potential implanted within us by God.”
I can’t think of anything worse than living a stagnant life devoid of change and improvement-can you.
You must accept the change and grow along with it to have. Successful and full filed life.
Today and now is the best time to change, make the decision to grow then accept the change and grow with it.

credit: Forgetting your past By Bob Gass