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Theme: Home Front
Topic: Submission In Marriage
Text: Ephessians 2:22
Speaker: Rev’d Samaila John

Submission is the act of accepting another power or authority. It could also be called obedience or humility.

It also means that, allowing oneself to be instructed, corrected, led, taught and even rebuked

An act of loosing ones right willing, when it is in the power to fight for it.


God-ward Submission: Both Husband and wife must submit to God.
James 4:7

Conditional Submission: Women submit because of one particular thing they are targeting from the man.

Public Submission: Women pretend to be submissive to there husband in the public but treat them with disdain at home.

Obedient is better then good cooking

You can’t be submissive and be abusive

Third-party submission: Some women are so submissive to other man like their bosses, pastor, neighbour but not submissive to their own husband.

Zero submission: This is a higher level of sturburness, pride, rebellion, curtantion, disobedient and difficult.

Total submission: Women who are submissive to their husband in everything. Their submission is total and sincere in both public and private life.


Are you always happy when you are corrected?

Do you reference your husband at home and in public.

Are you always willing to serve your husband?

Can you keep quite when your husband is talking to you angrily?

Do you normally use sex as a weapon to punish your husband?

Can you pray that your son’s wife should treat him the way you are treating his father.

Can you pray that your son should marry a wife like you?

Can young wives around learn anything good from you?

Can God trust you with the soul of your husband?

Does your husband consider you as a blessing or a curse?

Lord Teach Me Subimission
Lord Help Me Honour My Husband