Ignorance is the deadliest disease they say, but most people take it to be a popular nonsense. But in reality interplay, its one such true word and explicit phenomena. We engage in doctrines, practices, traditions and rituals without a proper understanding of there supernatural implications to our souls. Adherants or disciples of such dieties use cunning ways and methods to mask the actual ceremony or worship. Its a pitty that we allow ourselves to be played by people that are of no value. It is imperative to that we stay on our guard, support our intellect and question any strange phenomena we deem un-understandable to us and seek enlightenment, for knowledge guides our conception and acceptance of the unknown nonsense been popularized. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to fall fo an unjust course, we should be agents of change and affect our society both physically and intellectually, for its our duty to protect, promot and encourage truth. Pama linus


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