Finding A Balance Between Accomplishment And Enjoyment


I love Netflix

I know love is a strong word, but I seriously enjoy Netflix.

Except, sometimes I really hate it. Sometimes I spend way too long watching my favorite shows and I don’t get anything done that day. I feel unaccomplished.

Those are the times that I indulge too much, but sometimes I spend all my time working and even though I feel accomplished, it still leaves me unhappy.

No matter how much you enjoy something or how much closer it gets you to your goals, too much of it can turn that pleasure into gluttony and guilt, or boredom and frustration.

You can even get tired of pizza. That’s right, I said it.

So, I have developed methods to ensure that I am balancing accomplishment and indulgence without leaning too far in one direction.

A balanced life is a happy life.

Balance Is All In The Measurements


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The Centipede

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The big animals were playing a football game against the small animals.


The score was sixty seven to nothing in favor of the big animals at halftime. At halftime the small animals had an orator come in and give a motivational speech to get them ready for a comeback. The small animals kicked off at the start of the second half. The big team took possession of the ball and it looked like more of the same for the second half for the small animals. The Zebra who was the quarterback for the big animals handed the ball off to the Buffalo who ran around the right end for a three yard loss. Everybody looked around but no one knew who made the play. On second down the Zebra handed off to the cheetah that tried to go around the left end but was stopped for a five yard loss.

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