The Crow Who Wanted To Be A Peacock

Madamsabi's Blog

Once there was a crow. It had a burning desire of looking to be more beautiful.


The crow lived in a big Banyan tree, where a number of peacocks also lived. It saw the beautiful plumes of the peacocks and cherished a desire to look like one of them. It often cursed itself for being ugly.

It scorned the whole crow community being black and ugly. It had an ambition to  improve like a peacock so that the people may praise it. In order to fulfil its ambition, it thought of a plan. It decided to collect dropped off feathers of the peacocks and fix them up into its own, so
that it may look beautiful like peacock.

After putting on the feathers of the peacock, the crow considered itself to be a peacock. It was full of joy. It decided to go and live with the peacocks. It took…

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