Daddy Broke Her by Marinela Reka

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There she lay in a room so low
Only in that room, little did she know
She saw no sunlight, she saw no snow
No place to explore no place to go
Never seen the beautiful Sandela
Nowhere could she try to escape
Hands tied, and mouth closed with tape
She faces abuse she faces rape
The beautiful Gabriella


It’s no way kind, it’s no way lovely
Dose he do it shameful, or proudly?
Assume being cursed by your family
Its all wrong, it can’t be done rightly
She wants to see Sandela
Four grey walls, she had seen no other
He must be evil, he is her father
Never had a friend or a lover
Always the same Gabriella

In no means did she feel content
She could not try to win an argument
Getting caught he tried to prevent
While her life was out for rent
Stuck under…

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