The Story Of Three Travellers – An Hindu, A Jew And A Politician

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An Hindu, a Jew and a Politician were travelling together  and their car broke down at night close to a farmer’s abode. They then decided to approach the farmer for a place to lay their heads till morning.


On approaching the farmer, he said “well, I have two beds, but the third person would have to go and sleep in the barn. And then the Hindi volunteered  to sleep in the barn. Soon he came and said “sorry I can’t sleep in the barn because there is a cow there and the cow is our god and I can’t sleep with my god”.

“So, the Jew said I can go and sleep there because cow is not my god. But very soon, he came back and said “oh, I didnt know there is a pig there, a pig is an unclean animal to us. I can’t sleep with the pig.”

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