Tragic Mother And Son So Poor They Hanged Themselves With The Same Rope

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Dusanka and Brane Lukac from western Bosnia had run out of money for fuel and struggled to feed themselves.


Tragic: The place where a poverty stricken woman and her son hung themselves in western Bosnia

A skint woman and her son fed up of scraping a living decided to kill themselves – but they were so poor they hung themselves with the same rope.

The shocking story happened in the village of Jasenica in western Bosnia where 83-year-old Dusanka Lukac lived with her 55-year-old son Brane Lukac in abject poverty.

Neighbours said they knew that the mother and son were struggling but the situation was also the same for many others in the region and there was little opportunity for anybody to help them.

Nevertheless they were shocked when the couple had hung themselves using the same rope.

Neighbour Mirjana Ivanec, 46, said: “They did not have any more money…

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What makes you distinctive?

Milo Mlangeni

‘Over six billion people walk in this planet earth, what makes you stand out? God has built characteristics in you that are not like anybody else. What makes you distinctive is not any form of body piercing or fashion statements. Your distinctiveness if from within you; your desires, your dreams, your life, and much more….

What you are and how you are as a person is intended to bring something unique yet beautiful to the people around you, and to the world.’

Excerpt from the book ‘Rising above limitations’

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Irresistible Qualities Of A WOMAN…

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Every man has certain qualities they find irresistible in a woman. Whether you are an unmarried man in need of discovering what you should look for in a wife, or a unmarried woman curious to know what qualities a responsible man is searching for…this is for you!

1. A woman who values honor.
A woman who fearlessly honors others, values herself. To honor someone means to esteem them or show high respect. A woman who demonstrates this reveals her heart for people. Honoring up, down, and around is the rule to follow.

Honoring up means respecting those who are in authority over you, being able to accept their role and submit to their leadership. Honoring those below you includes those that look up to you, or work underneath you. Honoring those around you is respecting your friends, family, and colleagues. You know a woman who honors by the words she…

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The Story Of Three Travellers – An Hindu, A Jew And A Politician

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An Hindu, a Jew and a Politician were travelling together  and their car broke down at night close to a farmer’s abode. They then decided to approach the farmer for a place to lay their heads till morning.


On approaching the farmer, he said “well, I have two beds, but the third person would have to go and sleep in the barn. And then the Hindi volunteered  to sleep in the barn. Soon he came and said “sorry I can’t sleep in the barn because there is a cow there and the cow is our god and I can’t sleep with my god”.

“So, the Jew said I can go and sleep there because cow is not my god. But very soon, he came back and said “oh, I didnt know there is a pig there, a pig is an unclean animal to us. I can’t sleep with the pig.”

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