The Bully And The Brave Girl

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Once a well built large man used to live in a village. He was taller and stronger then anybody known at that time. Every body in the village was afraid of him as he was famous for killing at the drop of a feather.


One day he was busy in cutting woods in the forest. A girl approached him and said “Don`t cut our tree”.He saw her….she was a small girl with  a thin body frame and was either  9 or 10 years. He didn`t say anything and continued cutting woods. ‘Don`t cut our trees”she again said but this time she came little near. “Kiddo, run from here” he frowned. “No, first you stop cutting our trees” she persisted. He went near to girl and shown his axe “I can kill you in a second”.She took 2 steps back and again shouted “Don`t cut our trees”

This annoyed that man…

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Reflections #17

Source of Inspiration

paper bark

How does God know–intimately know
the billions of life forms
much less insignificant me?
Talk to God…such an arrogant idea
yet I sense a connection deep
within to that from which I come.

Is it true that we are tiny holograms
of the Divine? The flicker of a candle
is light no matter how small–even
that flicker is from the Sun.
The Creator made all. There is only
one Source. Therefore, I am
from Source, too.

These are huge ideas to hold in this
baby mystic mind called “me.”
I need to be still, letting
the understanding seep in a little
at a time until I can see
the Divine in me.

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