Abortion: Right or Wrong?


Abortion! Is it right or wrong?  It is a very controversial issue.  We all have our own beliefs and some of us refuse to be dissuaded from them.  Personally, I have always been  pro-life, anti-abortion, however you want to say it, and I try to talk people out of having them, but am I correct in being this way?

Religion, especially if you are Catholic tells you that life begins upon conception.  Does life really begin the moment semen takes a swim upstream and meets a desirable egg?  I have always believed that it does.  I still do.  So is it right to have an abortion?  I mean is there a time when abortion is right?  I can hear the arguments beginning.  Is there a time when a Christian woman is correct in having an abortion?  Or any woman for that matter?  Tell me, is there a time when it’s…

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