13-Year-Old Donates $5,000 to Girl With Brain Cancer

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Give a teenager $5,000 and he’ll likely blow it on a new video game or laptop. However, one 13-year-old boy in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, decided to donate the $5,000 he received for his Bar Mitzvah to a much better cause: to help with the medical expenses of a classmate with brain cancer.


Jesse Kaufman and Jasmine Boden. Photo courtesy Liana Kaufman.

Seventh grader Jesse Kaufman first learned of Jasmine Boden’s illness from an article in the local paper. It told the story of how Jasmine was diagnosed with Chordoma, a rare form of brain cancer, when she was only nine. “He thought she was so brave,” Jesse’s mother, Liana Kaufman, tells Yahoo Parenting. “At the time he gave me all the money he had —$20 — to send to her, and he wrote her a letter, too.”

A year later, in fifth grade, Jesse and Jasmine both ended up in the…

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Milo Mlangeni

1. Identify your insecurities, accept that they are your limitation and decide to overcome.

This is the first step in dealing with any negative pattern in your life. You cannot    overcome the enemy you don’t know.

2. Understand and accept your personality type.

Whatever you were meant to accomplish is connected to your personality. Your personality is your friend not your enemy. Wishing to be somebody else will rob you of attaining your own dreams.

3. Establish your strengths and weaknesses. Rather focus on developing and utilizing your strengths.

Everyone has weakness, no matter how great people they are, even when they are your  idols or role models. Everyone also have strengths. What are yours? Identify them and use them, these are meant to make you shine while weaknesses are there to remind you that you are human after all, no matter how great a person you are.

4. Identify…

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It’s Your Life! Make it Work!

Ose Ugbebor

Weather you do good or bad people will always have something negative to say; Matter of fact, the more good you do the more judgmental many will get, expecting you to be perfect as they put you under a magnifying glass, yet neglect to look at their own lives; But you know what? We get to determine whether our labels become our realities, We get to decide whether we choose to believe the odds or believe God.
We have the ability to choose to love ourselves more and decide we will succeed! Don’t focus on what people think! rather strive to be the BEST you can daily! There is a process to everything! Live & learn… You can be genuinely misunderstood or fraudulently accepted, but you can’t be everything to everyone. Not everyone is going to “get you”. Learn to be okay with that. The more in love you fall…

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Step Out!

Ose Ugbebor

sad-man-1What would you do if you know you would never fail; What would you do if you where guaranteed success. Too many tailor their lives according to what the majority says is possible, they dare to reach the limits the world around them agree is achievable. I challenge you today, to break out from the norm, break out from the routines, step into your possibilities and be who God has called you to be…Before you can really see a change in your life, you got to start from the inside out: Everything you see on the outside has a root somewhere on the inside, starting from inside means you got to develop yourself, it means you got to stretch yourself, it means you have got to do more: and doing more means you can’t remain in your comfort zone. You have got to come out and face new challenges. Personal…

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