The Dog That Saved His Owner When He Had A Heart Attack

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There are so many real-life accounts of dogs going above and beyond for their owners — saving their lives be it physically or emotionally, breathing new meaning into their day-to-day… just making life better, happier, healthier. Dogs are gifts from God, there’s no doubt about it — and anyone who’s skeptical should simply open their hearts to a dog in order to fully understand.

Here is a story of man and dog,.. and above all, love:

On a cold winter’s morning in Bethpage, Tennessee, the lure of the hunt called strongly to thirty-six-year-old Michael Miller. The cloudless sky, the light wind, and the freezing temperature signaled the perfect day for hunting doves. A gleam showed in the man’s sharp eyes as he stepped off the front porch, squinted into the morning sun, and headed up a hill with his dog, Sadie, happily leading the way.

Sadie was a forty-five pound…

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