A Mom’s Reply To A Bully Who Said She Should’ve Aborted Her Baby!

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We’ve heard it all before: a mother is out in public with her child, and a stranger takes it upon him or herself to insert their toxic negativity. Lots of people face terrible cyber bulling online? It happens every day, to countless families.

Sherry Clair recently recounted one such experience while out shopping with her baby boy, who has Down syndrome. On her personal blog called “Hand Me Downs,” where her goal is to” share my [motherhood] experiences with a sense of transparency,” she wrote a post entitled “When A Cashier Reminded Me My Son Has Down Syndrome.” It’s amazing to me how ignorant some people can be, throwing around thoughtless words with abandon. But by using her intelligence, wit and her fierce maternal heart, Sherry’s response is even more incredible:


Sometimes I forget that our son has Down syndrome. It’s easy to be distracted by his 2-year-old tantrums, his…

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