Women Are Indeed Priceless

I was touched by how far women can go just to please a man and I will love to share with you this short write up.
You saw her somewhere & asked to meet her she stopped for you.
You asked for her name she told you.
You asked for her phone number, she gave you the real one.
You asked for her friendship she gave you care, presence & listening ear.
You asked for intimacy & she gave you her body .
You asked for her loyalty she gave you all of her heart, spirit, soul & body. You asked her to live with you & she married you.
You asked for a legacy she gave you Children.
You asked for her help & she raised your Children.
You asked to be loved she cooked for you, dressed & warmed your bed, adviced you & prayed for you.
In all this time she asked for just one thing;
“PLEASE DON’T HURT ME” but just then, you
treated her bad, mocked her, took her for granted
and even tending to DIVORCE her.
At this juncture, even God himself will be angry you.
Be careful. Live responsibly. If you find a good woman please don’t hurt her. May God always
bring good Women to the path of good Man.
By Mariah Ezekiel.


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