Keep Living

The problems that flood your life aren’t meant to drown you, but to teach you how to swim. There’s more to you than what broke you; Life can take a lot out of you, but don’t you dare let it take away your hopes, don’t you dare let it take away your dreams! Keep pressing, Keep living this one too will pass. Your life doesn’t have to look beautiful to the world to be beautiful to you, so you got to stay strong! you got to hold on! you got to keep living! Our tests are tailor made to build us into the person we need to be… Looking back over my life I know each season I endured has brought me to this beautiful place now and so am grateful for all the great things in my life, but I am also thankful for my “disappointments”. I am thankful for every storm that flooded my life; I am thankful because those things were supposed to break me, but God used them to BUILD ME…..Beautiful things are stored away for those brave enough to believe they still exist; Be patient enough not to settle for less… Its time to look beyond your dry seasons and let go of the things that held you back for so long; The longer we hold on to something that isn’t elevating us the longer we remain in the same place! Don’t let your struggles become your identity, Don’t let your struggles hold you back. Regardless of the challenges that come your way, you still got to find your own happiness; Be thankful for where you are now! Happiness is based on your perspective… Choose to be happy regardless of your circumstances…Storms help us appreciate true sunshine! Its not over until you win!

Have a Blessed Week
By Ose

written by Ibrahim Gana Malgwi


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