Tribute To My Mother

A tribute to my mother

Just like yesterday i was with you in the hospital i did some laundry for you, till when Yusuf came so that I could go home and rest, just for me to get a call from Yusuf to come back to the hospital for the laundry I did, when I saw your bed gone my mind went blank. I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to you, to tell you that I loved you, to say what now must be one long unbroken cry of pain. Mum your death come as a surprise when the family needed you the most but I am grateful to God for the 21 years that you have being part of my life building and developing me, how comes they call it goodbye it pains to say goodbye its one of the saddest word I have to say.

Death is like a car that disappears around a curve,

Like an ancient custom that we’ve failed to preserve.

The car continues going even though we cannot see it,

And the custom just remains itself, outside of memory.

Death is a relation to a certain time and place;

To eternity it’s nothing in line of endless grace.


When you lost someone like your mother is like learning to living with amputation, I have to adjust to so many things mum, like living without ur advice, eating junk food from restaurants, God has being a faithful teacher just like He said “I will be the father/mother of the fatherless/motherless” He has teach me to trust Him and He has since being faithful to me. Mum I love and wish you are still to share in my good will and to be a part of what God has done for me.

Mum Shangapani is doing well he got promoted, Ruth has given birthday to a son his name is Dedan, I, Yusuf, Philip and Hamsatu are all grown ups now and doing well. Your legacy will live through. You will always be remembered and I will choose you to be mother if I have a chance of being given birth to again with an option of choosing the mother. 



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