Your Destiny Is In Your Hands

A must read:

Akpos went to a native doctor and requested to know how bright his destiny would be. The native doctor drew a circle with a white chalk and another circle with a black chalk. After that, he placed a dead millipede on the floor and asked Akpos to watch carefully. He said hewould recite some incantation to make the dead millipede start crawling. He told Akpos that if the millipede crawls into the white circle, it means that his destinywill be bright but if it crawls inside the black circle, it means his destiny will be dark. Finally he started his incantation and the dead millipede started crawling. When it got in between the two circles, it turned and started crawling towards the black circle. Akpos watched and immediately it was about entering the black circle, Akpos picked it and gently dropped it inside the white circle. The native doctor who got furious asked Akpos why he did that, Akpos replied; i won’t fold my arms and watch my destiny crawl into darkness because my destiny is in my hands. Goodmorning in Advance! Smile and go back to bed!

written by Ibrahim Gana Malgwi


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