Some things the singles must learn and the married must do to make their spouse happy

Some things the singles must learn and the married must do to make their spouse happy
One man was avidly studying his wedding certificate for hours. Upon been asked why, he said he was looking for the expiry date! Sorry marriage does not expire, there is no reverse gear, so don’t only pray, but watch and pray before you make your decisions. Another man was watching his wedding tape, but this time backward! He saw himself remove the ring, walked out of the church entered his car and zoomed off. He wished he could do that in real life, but sorry! Marriage is a haven, not an oven. Marriage is to be enjoyed and not endured. There is tremendous power in marriage as a couple.

The devil recognizes this power at your disposal as a married couple. That is why his intention is to throw a monkey wrench at your stuff. There are some precautions you can take in order to ensure that you are one with your spouse and that the power of agreement
is not broken. Singles must learn these principles as well so that their relationships and courtship can work out well. The Christian life is not hard to live, in fact it is when you don’t follow God that things get messed up and complicated. That is why Jesus Christ said his yoke his easy, learn about it, it is easier that way.

1.    If you want a successful marriage, never insult or abuse your spouse on account of someone else. Preserve your marriage by respecting your spouse inside and outside. Most courtship never last on this account. This is because for men, respect is a major issue. Every man is egocentric, although excessive egocentricity is not good.

2.    Never empower others against your spouse. Don’t shoot yourself in the leg. You are one in marriage, and that is how God sees it. Support your spouse always. The same way, in courtship, once you see your partner is always against you in and out, it is a sign that there is a deeper problem to deal with.

3.    Never allow anybody to come and live with you in the house without the full agreement of your spouse. If your spouse is not in support, your attempt to help others can be at the expense of your marriage and it can drive you apart. Many marriages are under tremendous pressures because the wife is not only taking care of her husband but several siblings at a time. Issue will necessarily come out of this. Singles, never pack into your partner’s house when you are not yet married. You will lose your respect and things might not turn out well because you are walking in disobedience to God.

4.    Never oppose your spouse openly. Don’t build walls against yourself. If you must correct your spouse, don’t do it in the presence of his friends and colleagues, you might end up adding more to the issue. However, you can always have a confidant with whom both of you agree you can discuss with, because there are times you really need to pour your hearts out. Singles, it is a danger signal if you are accountable to no one in courtship and nobody can speak into your life. It is a very risky game!

5.    Never get close to others other than your spouse. Be your spouse’s friend and never allow anybody to come in between you. There are Delialahs, Jezebels, Amnons, Jonadabs and so on. The moment you know, and you always know that you are getting up close and emotional to someone apart from your spouse, cut it off, or else you will soon be in serious problems. The moment you can hide things from your spouse, it is the beginning of problems. The moment you can discuss your spouse with colleagues and they discuss theirs with you, you are going too far. The devil will set a trap. Avoid distractions. Double dating is not scriptural for singles.

As singles, never attempt to make your fiancee happy by compromising your virtues. You will never be able to secure a relationship by offering sex, you will actually jeopardize the relationship because you are violating God’s principles. Sex does not prove your love, it shows your ignorance because every time you offer your body to secure a relationship, you always lose the man or the relationship!

written by Ibrahim Gana Malgwi


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