Now,this is what the society and our families expect of us; As women,we are the African Queens, to be descently dressed,to keep our virginity untill marriage,to be morally, educationally and ethically sound,to be virtous and industrious, to have a happy home and train up children in the way of the Lord,to have babies only in marriage,but in 1 way or the other some of us could not meet up to all of that. But that does not mean that everyone out there is perfect and doesnt have their flaws. There is always a 2nd Chance. There should be sensitization, parents should not be shy to educate their children both the male and female child on sex Education and the dangers of keeping bad friends as company. Pls men,dont take advantage of teenagers because they are little,dont marry a 10 year old girl because she has nothing to offer,rather,you are destroying her future. Lets make the society a place to live in. Lets not forget the Moral and Ethics of Africa were we all come from.

written by Ibrahim Gana Malgwi