a coment on my post

Honestly,Don God bless u the entire issues is political if u look at it..its a political way of distracting people from more sensitive tins that drives nations governance,just last week the finance minister announced that our national debt have gone up to $9billion obasanjo left power with no national debt and we can’t see what has happened,10.5 million kids out if schools, I was in a school two days ego and an principal was showing me d weapons collected from students,I almost broke down…our nation practically on a time bomb…because of failure of governance,they want to sign under age in to law so that by next elections they can consider children eligible for voting. Another set of terrible senators,one had to prostrate the other day to apologize for his stupidity in a town meeting… this guys there can’t help this nation…its obvious that our interest are very different. like don said when will young people wake up and drive strategic courses and take responsibility for his nation with and understanding of what priority… guys I appreciate u all

written by Ibrahim Gana Malgwi


One comment on “a coment on my post

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