Nigeria And Its Youth

Nigeria is a country where people are celebrated and commended for doing what they are by law suppose to do,this is because it has become abnormal for Nigerians in govt to be prudent and not corrupt,I feel ashame when our leaders are congratulated for tarring our road with our money,sychophancy is wrecking Nigeria for sure and the basic problem affecting the average Nigerian youth is the effect of the deeply rooted corruption in Nigeria. The Nigerian youth was born into corruption and he sees deceit, bribery and most negative behaviour as a way of life. The solution will be difficult because the Nigerian youth needs a reorientation. His values must change. Most of our rich people corruptly enriched themselves and are not punished even when indicted, so the Nigerian youth feels secure flying the fast lane. Our other problem is the absence of social security. Government does not know the youth. There is no welfare package to subsidize the parents efforts until a youth gets employed. It is practised in developed countries. Our government has also not been able to provide jobs for our many graduates. This leads them to kidnapping, robbery, prostitution etc. Basically, the level of poverty in the land is a major issue for most Nigerian youths. The rich is getting richer, the poor.., poorer. Until we have a progressive leadership to turn things around in Nigeria, the old will not die and the young will not grow. How many youths are in leadership positions in Nigeria? We are still recycling elders whose names we started hearing when we were very small,May God help u

written by Ibrahim Gana Malgwi


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