Do you have a dream?

Do you have a dream?

Is there something you always wanted to achieve, but never really tried because you knew you couldn’t?  Perhaps because you were born the wrong side of the tracks?  Aren’t gifted enough?  Don’t have what it takes?

What is holding you back is not your circumstances.  Not the people around you.  Not lack of money or other resources.

What is holding you back is YOU!

That voice inside, telling you that you can’t do it, or it is too risky, or you will never have the resources.

So let me help you take that first step to living your dream.  Close your eyes, reach out and take my hand, and I will guide you.  Not to the climax of living your dream – that is a journey you must make by yourself.  But to the place where you can make that first step.

Are you there with me now, with eyes closed, holding my hand, trusting me to deliver what I have promised?  Good!

The first thing we are going to do is use that remote you have in your other hand (You didn’t know it was there, did you?  But it is!  Feel it right now.).  Feel for the “off” button, and push it.  Did you feel that?  The negative voice inside you saying “I can’t do it” has just been silenced.  The remote has put you right where you should be – in control.  That voice shouldn’t come back now, because you have switched it off.  If it tries, level your remote at it again and switch it off again.  You won’t need to do that many times, as it will soon get the message.  It thrives on the attention its victims give it, and it doesn’t like being turned off.  Turn it off a few times and it will go away.

Now turn the remote in the other direction and push the “on” button.  You are switching on a parallel voice.  One that says “I CAN do it”.  Hear that voice?  It is there right now, because you have switched it on.

Do this exercise as often as you need, but I suggest at least daily for the next seven days.  And certainly any time you feel any doubts about achieving that dream.  Soon you will find you can “zap” those negative thoughts instantly, without really even thinking about it.

And once you really have turned off that negative voice, the sky is the limit.  That dream really can become your reality.

Finally, take a quick look at this 2 minute clip of Will Smith in “The Pursuit of Happiness”, and take to heart what he has to say to his son:

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