I came across this facts and I think we all need to ask this question what is wrong with the Northern part of Nigeria. I too am from the north, north east and Borno state, we need to seriously do something about this.
>> Vice President -North .
>> Senate President -North.
>> Speaker House of Reps – North.
>> PDP National Chairman – North.
>> Head of Service – North.
>> INEC Chairman – North.
>> CJN – North.
>> CBN Governor – North.
>> Inspector General of Police – North. >> President Court of Appeal – North. >> Chief Judge Federal High Court – North.
>> NSA – North.
>> EFCC – Chairman – North.
>>Chief of Defence Staff -North.
>> Chief of Air Staff – North.
>> GMD NNPC -North.
>> Controller, Prison Service – North. >>Controller, Custom Service – North >> Controller Immigration Service – North.
>> Richest Man in Africa – North.
>> 99% of Beggars in Nigeria – Northerners .
>> Boko Haram – North.
>> Educationally Backward Areas & the poorest States in Nigeria are in the North.
>> From 1960 to date, 9 out of 14 Heads of State of the Federation are Northerners.
Now ask yourself, what is wrong with us Northerners?

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